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The origins of Volterra has its roots in prehistoric times, but the first major development occurs with the Etruscans, which make Velathri, Volterra, one of the most important city-states of their confederation. Subsequently Velathri was forced to acknowledge the supremacy of Rome, changing its name to Volaterrae. Built on a hill of clay, shaped over the centuries by landslides that have deleted part of the walls and the Etruscan necropolis. Volterra boasts over 30 centuries of history from the Neolithic to the present day, through the Etruscans and the municipalities. The old town is entirely built with a gray stone called bench, and is an intact example of an old municipal town.

You should visit Volterra departing from Piazza dei Priori, the heart of the city, overlooked by distinguished buildings such as the Bishop's Palace, the Praetorian Palace and the Palazzo dei Priori. In the surrounding streets you will come upon various tower-houses and the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Civic Museum. Behind that, next to the walls, there is the Roman amphitheater, while the Etruscan evidence is mainly collected in the Archaeological Park and the Etruscan Museum.

Nearby stands the Medici Fortress, which overlooks the city. Built for military purposes, it was used as a prison from the beginning, by opponents of the Medici up to today.

The name of Volterra has always been connected with the manufacture of alabaster, a resistant material with an opal effect, discovered by the Etruscans and used for urns for ashes, and still worked today by artisans in small workshops.

Accommodation Volterra Tuscany

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Accommodation Volterra Tuscany

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Accommodation Volterra Tuscany