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Siena is a city of steep medieval streets that wind around Piazza del Campo. The buildings surrounding the square date back to the most prosperous period of the city, from 1250 to 1348, when the Black Death struck heavily the city, killing about a third of the population. Two centuries later, many other Sienese were killed in the siege of Florence, which lasted 18 months. The winners suppressed all forms of development of the defeated, even fromr an architectural point of view, thus remaining frozen in time, with its recently restored medieval buildings.

Among the "pearls" of Siena, there is certainly the Duomo, one of the few south of the Alps in the Gothic style. In 1339, the Sienese decided to imitate the Dome of the rival Florence, to raise another nave transforming the existing church in the transept of the church. However, the project was not completed because of the plague. A must see, inside, the beautiful marble floors that reproduce some parts of the history of Siena. The sights are so many that it is difficult to name them all, impossible to miss Piazza del Campo, the place of performance of the famous Palio; the Public Palace with the 102 m high Mangia Tower and its breathtaking view; the Civic Museum with works by Simone Martini; the Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala; the church of San Domenico, San Francisco and Santa Maria dei Servi.

Accommodation near Siena Tuscany

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Accommodation near Siena  Tuscany

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Accommodation near Siena  Tuscany